In July 2008, HEMAIHEDA GROUP was founded in Guangzhou, mainly distributes daily chemic brands.


In November 2008,HEMAI’s private brand “ INSTITUTO ESPANOL” and “ HAOCHIQING” appeared on the market through out the country.


In March 2009, HEMAIHEDA GROUP concluded and signed the strategic cooperation agreement with Korea AIJING GROUP, transited domestic daily chemic to import daily chemic successfully.


In February 2010, HEMAIHEDA GROUP concluded and signed the strategic cooperation agreement with Japan SUNSHINE COMPANY, imported the professional nanometer technologic oral care brand “NANO-UP” from Japan.


In 2010 HEMAIHEDA GROUP attended Shanghai beauty fair for the first time.


In 2010 HEMAIHEDA GROUP held the first session distributor meeting.


In 2010 HEMAIHEDA GROUP set up it’s first subsidiary company.


In February 2011, HEMAIHEDA GROUP concluded and signed the strategic agreement with XINHU PHARMACY, became the exclusive distributor of Korea leading brand of pure cotton sanitary pad “ENZHI” in China.


In March, 2011, HEMAIHEDA GROUP attended the 16th China beauty fair.


In November 2011, HEMAIHEDA GROUP concluded and signed the strategic cooperation agreement with WUQIONGHUA COMPANY, which is the biggest clean&washing company in Korea, imported the excellent brand “WUQIONGHUA”.


In April 2012, HEMAIHEDA GROUP concluded and signed the deep strategic cooperation agreement with Canada company, opened it’s gate entering Europe and United States.


In March 2012, HEMAIHEDA GROUP attended the 2012 Shanghai beauty fair with great achievement.


In October 2012, HEMAI Tmall flagship shop was opened for business, in a period of domestic e-commerce develops rapidly, HEIMAI entered the e-commerce field and made great achievements.


In December 2012, HEMAIHEDA’s first import personal care direct-shop named “HEMAI SHOW”was opened to business. Not only did it show HEMAI’s growing ability, but also it opened a whole new import daily chemic developing model, marked HEMAI’s great progress on multi brands and multi channels operation.


In 2013, HEMAIHEDA GROUP kept moving forward to pursue multi brands, became the exclusive distributor in China for Italy famous oral care brand “PIAVE”, German condom “RITEX”, Italy bath brand “RITUALIA”, “CLEO”, Korea anti-allergy sanitary tap “ENZHI”, Sweden paper diaper “NIELSEN” and so on, which enriched the product category.


In 2014, HEMAI kept the theme of importing and imported Canada paper diaper “SNIKA”, Demark sanitary pad “ ANDERSEN”, Japan toothbrush “EBISU” and sanitary pad “ SAKURA KOI”. Moreover, HEIMAI attended the 2014 Shanghai beauty fair as a exhibitor and presented lots of popular products.


In 2015, HEMAI focuses on multi channel operation, built dozens of import area, entered KA stores of Wal-Mart, RT-mart, Ole’s supermarket, Jusco and so on, super department stores like King square, friendship, Grandbuy, Ginza mall and so on, what’s more, HEMAI presented hot sale products in special shops like Waston, Mannings, Gielan and so on.

In 2015, HEMAIHEDA GROUP opened up about 50 direct shops in China, completed a preliminary layout in capital cities of China.

In April 2015,HEMAIHEDA GROUP signed contract with endorsors for it’s brands: Yan cai for ENZHI, Meng Zhang for ERUCA, Shengyi Huang for O-ZONE.


In November 2015, HEMAIHEDA GROUP organized Japan tour for important distributors and the HEMAI corn team to learn detail development and layout in daily chemic field.


On December 15 2015, HEMAIHEDA GROUP moved to Poly Metropolitan in Panyu district.


In December 2015,HEMAI purchased a big warehouse in free trade zone of Nansha district.


In January 2016, HEMAIHEDA holds it’s distributor meeting and exposures 700 import SKU for the first time.

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