Culture of Hemaiheda Group

Win-win: Win-win relationship with consumers, clients and distributors is the most  importantprinciple of Hemaiheda Group. Such principle can not only offer better services to our consumers, clients and distributors, but also can lead our group to a promising future.


                                                                                    Loyalty, Responsibility, Passion, Persistence
Loyalty: Only fully identifying with the culture of Hemaiheda Group, can the staff work for the company with unremitting efforts. Staff with strong sense of belonging and steadypurposes is the most needed. In Hemaiheda, they can not only contribute to the bright future of company but also realize their self-developments meanwhile.
Responsibility: No matter where we are, living up to the responsibility is our eternal faith. Creating the most favorable living condition to our family is our duty for family. Exploiting the market, breaking though the terminals and increasing the profitability of clients are our duties for clients. Working with unremitting efforts and making progress are our duty for the company. Devoting ourselves to the society and promoting a harmonious society are our duty for society. The greatest motivation in one’s life is living up to responsibility. We should commit to the enterprise and society, so that we can make progress both in the company and self-development.


Passion: Passion motivates our growth. One’s attitude on work decides his happiness and efficiency. As the member of Hemaiheda, we are positive, enthusiastic, hard working, and willing to challenge everything. We devote ourselves to the work and our clients with the greatest passion. And we wish to build our team with fully positive energy by absorbing more and more positive and enthusiastic youths.

Persistence: Persisting one’s work, faith without giving up easily is a virtue in devoting to one’s duty and keeping one’s promise. Also, it’s the symbol of dedication and obedience.

                                                                                      Welfare of the company: Build a utopian home

Mr. Gong Zheng, the chairman of board, mentioned that taking good care of our family is the foundation to realize our dream. All the time, Hemaiheda Group struggle to create a utopian home for the staff. Staff of Hemaiheda not only enjoy common welfare as social security but also enjoy special welfares as parents’ filial fund, children’s education sponsorship, birthday bonus, newly married gift and so on. Hemaiheda Group has been always sharing benefits,making progress and shouldering responsibilities with its staff. If Hemaiheda Group is a big tree, then eachmember of Hemaiheda is a leaf protected by the company. If Hemaiheda Group is a vessel, then each member is a part of the vessel pushing the company moving forward. Hemaiheda Group always makes progresses and creates bright future with its staff.


                                                                      Version of the company: Create a new age of daily chemical products.

Life should be living as an art.Hemaiheda Group wants to give such emotional experience to consumers that each morning they will be refreshed by a fresh toothpaste, and each night they will have a wonderful dream by a fragrant body wash. Hemaiheda devotes to bring the senses of nature, sweet and warm to consumers that each product is filled with the art of life. It’s our belief that such senses will make our life wonderful!


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