2016 Graduate recruitment——Join Hemaiheda, be the best you!

GUANGZHOU HEMAIHEDA established in 2008 is one of the largest operator of imported daily chemicals in China. With the largest numbers of distributors and high-end brands of imported daily chemical products,


HEMAIHEDA is also the largest consumer products company in China.
Headquartered in Guangzhou, Hemaiheda mainly operates international personal care and house care products of more than 100 international brands. These include oral care, personal care, house care, skin care, baby care, and adult product.


HEMAIHEDA has established a marketing network with three stages, covering KA store, department stores, specialty store of daily chemical products, medical chains and electronic business platform.
Address: Floor 7, Building 1-3, Poly TA TO WUN, No.290, East Hanxi Avenue, Panyu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province
Email: [email protected] 
Telephone: 020-87301637
Fax: 020-87618593 

1、YOU career in HEMAIHEDA


?Communication / interpersonal skills;
?Strong grounding in professional knowledge;
?Influencing skills / leadership potential;
?Organisation skills;
?Energy and drive;
?A commitment to a long term career in the profession;
?Related practical experience in priority

3、Recruitment Process
?Resume collection;
?Interview ;
?Written test;
?Tripartite agreement


4、Campus  Recruiting  Schedule


The following documents mentioned should be prepared:
Graduate Recommendation;
Diploma (the original and a carbon);
An One-inch ID Photo.


6、talent training plan
New employers will take orientation trains in the headquarter within 1-2 weeks. And excellent employers will have the chance to study in America, Japan, German, Canada and Korea.


7、wages and benefits
Free accommodation and lunch are providing for officers of the headquarter, while travelling allowance and food subsidies are for officers of the sale’s department. Wage of undergraduate is 3000-3500 yuan per month; wage of  postgraduate is 4000-4500 yuan per month. Probation period is 1-3 months, and training period is 4000-6000 yuan per month.


8、Questions and Answers:
What’s the scale and future prospect of HEMAIHEDA?
As one of the largest operator of imported daily chemicals, HEMAIHEDA is the general agency in Chinese market of high-end brands from Europe, America, Japan and Korea. “Providing customers the best personal care products.” is the eternal pursuit of HEMAIHEDA.


9、What qualities are important as a graduate student?
Except for grounding professional knowledge, strong learning capacities, team sprit and strong desire in development are required.


10、What kinds of orientation are offered by HEMAIHEDA?
New employees instruction: Each new employee will be instructed by an experienced manager.
Orientation including corporate culture, products knowledge, marketing knowledge, quality management, job skills training, etc.


11、How long is the internship of a undergraduate?
Undergraduate’s internship is 3 months to half a year.




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