Eunjee specializes in producing anti-allergy sanitary towel. It is adopted 100% pure cotton material which can effectively prevent skin allergy. It has ultra fast absorbency, good breathability and soft surface. The new product Eunjee Miao Xiaofei packed in paper box is environmentally friendly. In your special period, you can stay clean and fresh with 100% pure cotton cover.


        The western meaning of Asana is health. Asana Sanitary Napkins International Co., Ltd, founded in 2007 and set its head office in Vancouver the capital of Canada, is dedicated in researching and applying Nanotechnology in sanitary napkins. Our patented Bio-core is applied in every single product which results in one of the most advanced, thinnest, and absorbent sanitary napkins on the market. In 2007, Asana was certificated as the qualified Bio-core product by Canadian Federal Department of Health which is the most strict department in health products.


        ANDERSEN, adopted 100% pure material without chemical ingredient, is identified as a luxury brand of sanitary napkins in Europe. It has get the product certification of Denmark Anti-allergy Association and White Swan logo of Northern Europe. Due to its health quality and special design, products of ANDERSEN is the first choice of many modern ladies.

Sakura koi 

        Sanitary napkin of Sakura koi is the favorite of campus maids and stylish ladies. The products of Sakura koi shaped in petal is different from the traditional one shaped in vertical. The leakproof groove of the product is embossed in petal. The sanitary napkin is environmental friendly and healthy by adopting biodegradable material and environmental inner core without essence, latex, softening agent and lubricating agent.


        Ninell, as the sub-brand of SAKO Company the famous brand operator in Japan, dedicates in producing personal cares specialized in anti-allergy for female customers. Producing healthy, safe and non-additive products is the brand concept of Ninell.


        eynina deeply favored by European females is the lightest and thinnest sanitary towel in the world. It adopts natural wood pulp with strong absorbency and organic long-staple cotton. It’s healthy and environmental friendly with non-fluorescer. Keynina has gotten 100% Safe Product Certification which is issued by the most strict authenticator center in monitoring product quality. It also has gotten White Swan Certifications of Northern Europe, Anti-allergy Certification, Organic Cotton Certification and Scandinavia Standard Certification.


        Products of Neaca, adopted 100% pure cottons, are compared as Hemes in sanitary towels. With over 6 hundred million customers, Neaca is identified as a luxury brand of female health products in Europe that it presents one’s life in high quality.

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