Brief Introduction of HEMESO Experience Center of Imported Daily Chemical Products

     Chain HEMESO, subordinated to Hemaiheda Group, is a leading chain institution of imported daily chemical products in China. Its main business covers 2000 products classified in 7 categories including oral care, facial care, feminie care, household cleaning, baby & child product and contraception product, which are introduced form 20 countries as German, Spain, America, Japan, Korea, etc.  So far, HEMESO Experience Center of Imported Daily Chemical Products has already developed 50 sub-branches with 500m2 in more than 20 provinces. In the next 3 years, 500 sub-branches will be operated in China. And oversea stores will be set up in main city of Asia.
    With the brand concept “For your beauty”, HEMESO provides one-stop shopping experience and service. Due to the specialization of global purchase and the advantage of distributions,HEMESO has significantly reduced purchasing cost by large place orders. We always persist in providing the best products with lower prices.


                                           Brief  Introduction of  HEMAIHEDA  GROUP

     GUANGZHOU HEMAIHEDA GROUP was founded in 2008. Headquarter is located in Guangzhou city, Guangdong province. As a biggest daily chemical operator in China, HEMAI is devoted to improve life quality of China costumers by providing distinct and completed original import brands operation, products supply and selling support.
     HEMAIHEDA GROUP focuses on providing premier import daily chemical products for customers. So far the corn business covers oral care, baby care, female care, hair&bath care, home cleaning, skin&beauty care, and adult product. Cooperate with companies from European, United States, Korea, Japan and so on. HEMAI is the exclusive distributor of 70 brands under it’s company in China. Owning about 1000 SKU, including America PLAYBOY, Italy SILVERCARE, FRUITODENT, RITUALIA, CLEO, German TITEX, Japan SAKURA KOI, EBISU, Korea KIZARE, ENZHI and so on.

      Currently HEMAIHEDA GROUP builds a stereoscopic marketing network covering multi-market, With intensive cultivation worked on brand building and operation achieved an all-round sale points covering, such as KA store, super department store, daily chemic special store, pharmacy chain store and e-commerce shop. HEMAIHEDA GROUP’s brands succeed entering KA stores of Wal-Mart, RT-mart, Ole’s supermarket, Jusco and so on, super department stores like King square, friendship, Grandbuy, Ginza mall and so on. In the same time, HEIMAI’s direct shop named “HEIMAI SHOW” is at it’s booming period and grows day by day, becoming the most popular import daily chemic direct-sale store.

      Nowadays, daily chemic field experiences sharp changes, yet HEIMAI uses a operating idea of multi categories, multi brands, multi channels to build a stable wall for company’s steady progression. HEIMAI will import more daily chemic brands that are more competitive and have good cost performance all around the world to provide more operating choices and advantages for customers.


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